Black Financial Legacy Series | #CLSJ30

The Center for Law and Social Justice is excited to provide a financial empowerment series focused on building personal & collective financial legacies in the Black community.

Why? Well, an average Black family needs 228 YEARS to build the wealth of a White family today. These disparities between the two groups persist REGARDLESS of the level of education attained.

When Black employees go to work, they are typically employed by non-Black owned entities. When Black employees spend their money, it is typically spent with businesses owned by non-Black people. This matters more than we know.

This series will explore the state of personal finances; entrepreneurship and business development; collective wealth generation; and land ownership in the Black community. Each month, hear from experts who will help us understand how we arrived to our current financial position AND learn how we can improve our finances on an individual and collective level. See the flyer and details below for additional information.


January: Personal Finances Matter

On Friday January 20, 2017 we kick off our series with a deep dive into the state of personal finances. We’ll take a look at the following:

1. What is the current condition of personal finances in the Black community?
2. What are the historical and current conditions that preserve Black economic inequity?
3. What is a financial legacy and how can Black people create one for their families?
4. How can a community in financial distress strengthen its economic health?
5. How can cultural mindsets around Black people and money impact our financial future?
6. What steps can individuals take to strengthen their financial outlook?

Subsequent programs will focus on Black Entrepreneurship & Business Development (Feb. 10, 2017); Black Land Ownership (Mar. 24, 2017); Cooperative Economics (Apr. 21, 2017). Check here frequently for updates!


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  • Molly Ornati says:

    We would like to have one of our Financial Counselors at Bed Stuy Restoration Corp to attend this series. Can we sign up? Please let me know next steps.

    • Center for Law and Social Justice says:

      Hello! Yes, Bryan Barrett is going to be one of our panelists and we would love for your counselors to attend! No need to sign up – please show up at 1638 Bedford Ave. in the EOJ Auditorium at 6:15 pm!

  • Petra E. Lewis says:

    I have wanted to attend this series since the very first one, but have ongoing client deadlines that keep derailing my plans to do so. Are you going to be videotaping this series, then uploading it (perhaps to YouTube?) so people can catch the replays?

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