Guns in the Black Community: A 360 Degree Perspective

“The single most important – and also, alas, the most overlooked – causative factor [for why African leaders became part of the African slave trade] is the gun. Once African tribes that formerly fought with bows and arrows or spears were introduced to the devastating nature of the musket, the cannon and the Gatling, all bets were off, so to speak.” Cameron Doudu, Slaves and Guns, The Guardian, March 31, 2007.

Nothing has impacted the Black community in the same way as the gun. CLSJ invites you to join us in a conversation with activists about the role of guns in Black history, the current outbursts of gun violence and how we create new paradigms for peace going forward. We will explore the way the gun has been used in (and against) Black communities in the past and hear about some innovative, non-traditional methods of violence prevention/interruption that can help chart the path forward.

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