“Our” Neighborhood: Gentrification in Brooklyn

“Our” Neighborhood: A Forum on Gentrification in Brooklyn

Gentrification in in NYC is not new – but it is having an increasingly noticeable impact on central Brooklyn neighborhoods.

How is gentrification shaping the racial and housing dynamics in your Brooklyn community?
Will you be able to afford living in the community where you grew up? Will your children?
If you or someone you love is being harassed by landlords or developers – what steps can you take for protection?
How can “old” and “new” neighbors work on community relations in a way that minimizes the more harmful impacts of gentrification in our neighborhoods?

These questions and more were discussed by our fantastic panelists and we’ll be posting a write up of the event soon. To view the Facebook live stream of the discussion, visit our videos page here and click the link for the “Our” Neighborhood video.

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